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The architectural agency was created in September 2003 by Jeanne Valérie THURA after several years of professional practice in the studio. Since then, most of its activity has been located in Courchevel in Savoie.

From then on, a professional team and a network of companies were formed around the architect, ready to provide the quality of service desired by the client.
The agency works in close collaboration with design offices, building economists and even interior architects in order to best realize the wishes of its clients. Each mission is thus studied with the same interest, whether for a feasibility study or for a global project, and Jeanne Valérie THURA will always be at your disposal to carry out your projects successfully.

Jeanne-Valérie Thura

Resolutely close to your desires

The agency mainly creates individual chalets, it is generally a project of a lifetime for future owners.

Second homes in the mountains, and more specifically in high-end resorts like Courchevel, Méribel or Megève, are generally exceptional properties, with a little touch of “madness”. Thus, by leaving room for imagination everything is possible and “almost” everything is achievable.
All desires, all ideas, even the most original, are studied in order to be able to create a chalet that meets the client’s expectations.

20 ans d’expérience
avec une vision : l’excellence

20 years of experience
with a vision: excellence

Nos services


Feasibility study

If you are considering a new construction, renovation, or the addition of extra floors to an existing building, your project may be subject to a feasibility study. This study is conducted to determine if your project is achievable and to establish all the necessary conditions, based on the specifications provided by the client. It also helps analyze the project’s requirements, estimate costs, and identify various solutions to be implemented. At the end of this study, the client can decide whether the project is viable and whether they wish to continue with the architect for a building permit application mission.


Building permit application

Following the feasibility study, the project is approved by the architect, and they can then consider submitting the building permit application to the relevant municipal authorities. The project, worked on and finalized in consultation with the client, is then thoroughly studied by structural and thermal engineering firms to verify its constructibility. Once all the studies are completed, an administrative file is submitted to the urban planning department to check if the project complies with the current urban planning rules and codes.


Interior decoration and design

The agency’s projects are often exceptional, and the assistance of an interior designer is typically indispensable. Interior decoration is a distinct profession, and knowing how to surround oneself with competent individuals for such projects is paramount. Each client has a different sensitivity and experiences their interior design differently, so each interior is unique. However, the agency has special connections with certain interior designers, such as Rémi Giffon, with whom they have had the pleasure of collaborating on several luxury chalets (link for more information).


Construction site monitoring

The building permit has been obtained and all third-party appeals have been resolved, and the project is now entering its second phase, which includes the execution plans, the bidding process for contractors, and, most importantly, the construction phase. Constructing in high mountain areas requires a significant level of expertise because everything is more challenging. Accessibility, weather conditions, and the opening of ski resorts all make construction projects in these areas highly demanding. As such, the choice of teams dedicated to the construction is crucial. The agency has a tradition of working with a select group of loyal and highly competent companies that have extensive experience in mountain construction.